We are a diverse bunch with a common passion for design and architecture.

Our Team

Meet the ‘Wright’ People:


Greg Wright


Suzaan De Kock

Senior Architect

Cobus Hugo


Gert Coetzee

Candidate Architect

Christian Cook

Candidate Architect + Digital Artist

Annemeca Jordaan

Studio Manager + Executive PA

Isai Valombweleni

Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist

Mark Summerfield

Senior Architectural Technologist

Sophia Bock

Sophia Bock

Liza De Keizer

Finance Manager

There are only 3 rules… work hard, have fun, stay healthy!

We are a diverse bunch. We have our own separate interests but we all share a common passion and love of design + architecture.

Good music, lively banter + laughter is commonplace in our open plan studio overlooking the Canal.

We like to roam and explore the City, making new contacts with suppliers, and keeping in touch with the latest offerings in the industry.

We are curious – regularly inviting thought-leaders, and innovative product suppliers to share their insights, new products + knowledge with our studio.

We remain current, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies while hosting specialists in our studio.