At Wright Architects we approach our work with unconventional wisdom.

Above all, we value beautiful design,
rich detail and intuitive experiences.

Wright Architects was recently formed by Greg Wright, who continues to build on the successes achieved over the last two decades as the founding principal at Greg Wright Architects Pty Ltd.

Inspired to explore a fresh vision as architects and complimented with a team of talented and motivated individuals, Wright Architects was established and underpinned on three core values, namely:

  • True commitment to a great idea is the most valuable currency we can invest in.
  • Architecture should reflect a commitment to the values of integrity, honesty and great contemporary design.
  • Our work is driven by a desire to create buildings that celebrate excellence, and evident in every aspect of our work from concept through to execution which enrich the human experience

We’re driven by a design philosophy that demonstrates empathy for the way people live, work and play.

At the heart of every project is a strong design concept, arrived at through a thorough analysis of the site, the brief with close collaboration with our clients and our team of consultants.

Each project is viewed as an opportunity to explore, discover, question and seek relevance in the way we work. Constraints present opportunities while the project challenges often bring out the most innovative solutions.

Wright Architects is a solutions focused company that values collaborative thinking with creative, inquisitive minds.

With every project we endeavour to discover design solutions that exceed expectations whilst ensuring financial considerations are carefully considered to ensure we deliver sustainable value.

The starting point…

Remains the devolution of ideas through a rigorous interrogative process that is tested both on paper and digitally, and brought to life in a manner that is now easily accessible to our clients and our team of consultants through 3D photo-realistic imagery, walk-throughs via a simple App. that makes available the building on a mobile device.

Through the evolution of 3D BIM technologies and the ability to work in 3D environment in real time, we are able to provide rich visual experience of the design evolution process as the project progresses from the design phase of the project to its eventual physical realisation.

ArchiCAD has become our technology of choice with its intuitive ease of use, and seamless integration between the 3D visual model and technical documentation in a team work environment.

This allows for the rigorous testing of ideas, where context, materials + technologies are integrated holistically including important green technologies for sustainable design solutions.

The 3D BIM model ensures for the accurate + efficient delivery of our projects, whilst offering the freedom to pursue innovative + creative design solutions for our clients.

The Team

Our team is driven by individuals who are inspired by design + who recognise the need to observe , question and create spatial experiences that will redefine and frame our world meaningfully .

To ensure that we deliver projects to our clients that will continue to exceed their expectations , we believe the most valued resource any business must invest in, are its people.

Our Studio

Based in Cape Town and located in the brand new vibrant, social Battery Park precinct in the V&A Waterfront the firm tackles projects of every scale & complexity across South Africa and the continent, including overseas commissions.

Greg Wright, founder of Greg Wright Architects in 1995 + the newly formed Wright Architects in 2018, leads the studio which offers a full service as architects.

Our work, whist principally architectural in nature, being designers at heart we are happy to delve into multidisciplinary design opportunities when presented that to date have included for urban design, product + furniture and interior design.

We do not separate the internal experience with the external form or urban context of our projects, and see the the design of interior spaces as an extension of the same design process.

We offer the full spectrum of an architectural service.

From initial discovery of the project brief and the key financial relationships that unlock the value and determine the feasibility of the project, through the ideation phases until a solid concept is revealed, upon which the technical documentation is meticulously crafted before the construction phase of each project commences – which we we will oversee to ensure the final outcome matches our standards of excellence.